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Waimea Bay

Trolling Motor mount

Trolling Motor mount

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Trolling Motor Mount by Waimea Bay is practical, lightweight and easy to install using the cogs permanently installed on everyone of our kayaks.  Motor Mount is made out of stainless steel. Firmly attaches to the kayak and must be installed when the kayak is deflated.  Any trolling motor on the market can attach to the Motor Mount.

  • Simply slide the mount into the mounting brackets/cogs on the side of the kayak, then inflate the kayak.  The mount is ready for the motor.
  • Eliminates excessive movement and prevents motor damage and provides an unbeatable combination of firmness and support.
  • Comes in a neutral black & grey pattern that nicely complement other colors and patterns.
  • Waimea Bay trolling motor mount is made out of durable and non-corrosive stainless steel, which guarantees quality and years of usage.
  • Excellent noise reduction and no vibration for an enjoyable and smooth ride.
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