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Waimea Bay

Trolling Motor Battery

Trolling Motor Battery

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Trolling Motor Battery by Waimea Bay made out of pure lead, gel glass and plated copper, guarantees quality performance, longevity and durability with no leakage, fumes and minimal risk. Waterproof and easy to attach to our Trolling Motors.  Tie-down straps are already permanently located in every one of our kayaks.  Allows over 45 minutes of use on a single charge depending on the weight it is carrying.  

  • Made out of 99.99% purity lead, plated copper and glass / silica gel means premium quality and prolonged life span compared to competitors on the market.
  • Compact and practical design means a highly functional but less bulky motor battery that won’t weigh down your kayak or paddle board.
  • Good performance at cold temperature, resistant to water and moisture. Compatible for all climates.
  • The 3-year warranty protects the consumer even more and provides them with additional peace of mind.
  • Vibrant-proof and shock-resistant features are really useful for anyone that needs a good quality battery for adventurous kayak rides.
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