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Waimea Bay Rigid Inflatables

Odyssey - WindSurfing Board

Odyssey - WindSurfing Board

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Size: 10'6" x 32" X 6"
Sail Size: 12'6" x 5'11"
Weight Capacity: 430 lbs
Maximum Occupancy: 1 Person
Paddles Included: 1

*** Orders ship within 55 days ***

Take your Paddleboarding to the next level and start WINDSURFING.  Comes with the Sail, Board, Paddle and all the features we are known for (Nets, D-Rings, Camara-Mount, etc).  The sail, board and accessories easily break down and fit into a backpack.  Perfect for a leisure sail around the lake or coast letting the wind lightly push you.  Or go EXTREME and get some serious air off of ocean waves and boat wakes.  Because they are Rigid Inflatable they are extremely light compared to plastics, fiberglass or wood.  Built with the rigidity and toughness of Waimea Bay, they can handle the abuse of extreme winds and extreme air.

Take the sail down and they work as a normal paddleboard.   Our D-Rings and Nets allow you to strap the sail or paddle down to the board when not in use.  Including the ability to add our Fin Jet Motor.  Why only have a paddleboard, when you can have both in one.  

Kodiak-Outdoor brings you Waimea Bay Rigid Inflatables - Windsurfing Boards, Kayaks, Paddleboards, Boats and other Water-Craft and accessories.  We are different from anything else you have seen or used on the market.  We have created a product built with material thinker, stronger and more rugged than any competitor.  Enabling you to drag the product through rocks, twigs, and other obstacles with puncture resistance.  Also, completely resistant to fishhooks, dog claws and other common tools or instruments with the exception of knives.

All inflatable products have some kind of squish value.  They are never truly plastic or wood hard.  When you stand on other inflatable paddleboards there is at least a little bit of compression or even up to it feeling like some kind of pool tube.  Making it difficult to trust inflatable products and less likely to purchase them.

Our products are absolutely board hard when fully inflated.  You will feel like you are standing on solid ground.  Giving you a more durable and trustable product.  Yet because they are inflatable, they all will fit into a backpack.  Making it easy to transport without having to strap them to the top of a car or truck or finding storage space for them in a garage or home.  These can easily be placed in the back seat or trunk of a car and then in a closet at home.  

  • No more transporting something big and heavy or purchasing an inflatable board not of the highest quality and construction.  Our 10.5-Foot Windsurfing Board, with a 12.5-foot Sail only weighs 30 lbs.  Yet they will hold more weight than any other product thanks to our materials and quality.  10.5-Foot Windsurfing Board can hold up to 430 lbs.

You will first notice we do not have any useless bungee cords on our products.   All our Paddleboards have the following standard features:

  1. 12.5 Foot Sail with cross bar for holding and steering.  Solidly anchored to the board and able to withstand any normal ocean or lake winds.
  2. 4 Foot holds on the board for stability when windsurfing.
  3. 1 Handpump that pushes air when both lifting and compressing the pump.  Accelerating your inflation time.  
  4. 2 Bungee Net Pockets at both the front and the back of the Paddleboard. 
  5. 4 to 8 D-Rings on both sides of the Paddleboard to enable you to strap any gear down. 
  6. 3 Detachable Fins.  Main Fin can be switched out for our Jet Motor.
  7. Standard GoPro Mount at the front of the Paddleboard. 
  8. 1 ankle strap so you don’t lose your board when in the water.
  9. 1 height adjustable paddle
  10. 1 cell phone dry bag for each passenger
  11. 1 Large Backpack Bag that zips up easily and is able to carry everything in it.

We can guarantee that you will never have a more rugged, durable, and trusted product.  With every feature and accessory absolutely usable.  Our interchangeable fin allows you to attach a Jet Motor where the battery straps to the top of the board using our D-Rings and you can control the speed using a Bluetooth Remote that straps to your wrist.  Batteries will last over 45 minutes depending on the weight in the Paddleboard.

You will never have more fun with something as easy to transport, inflate and use than the Waimea Bay line of products by Kodiak-Outdoor.

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